Our 2 hour sessions are for anyone wanting to use this service to share memories of their lives with loved ones before they leave them behind or lose their memories due to illness.

We also use this service for families wanting to talk about lost loved ones to preserve their memories and knowledge for the younger generations who were never able to meet them.

For the session we bring in our own filming equipment (camera, clapperboard, green screen and voice recorder)


We cover topics already agreed on over a telephone call prior to your filming session. No awkward questions are ever asked, once the camera is rolling you are in control and can talk to your hearts content. We want you to feel comfortable during filming and to ensure this we try to keep filming locations in the comfort of your own home.

Photographs are always a great  asset to these sessions too. Footage of the chosen photo's can be taken and  added  into the background during the editing process (this is what the green screen is used for) for a more personal touch. Any home movies can be used too.

All footage taken is edited onto 3 DVD'S for your personal use. No footage is shared without consent.

At Movie Memoirs Ltd preserving memories is important and we believe that memories play a huge part of who we were and who we become

    A moment in time, a lifetime in film